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About Treatment Facility Schools

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Colorado's treatment facility schools serve some of the most traumatized kids in our community. These are children who face physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse, severe mental illness, and most struggle with poverty and food insecurity. Their lives are not easy. If we, as their community can support them, alter their trajectory even the slightest amount, we want to help. Social Service involvement ends when they are 18, which can often include the money for the placement. We need to make the most impact in as many ways as possible.

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PROJECT OUR TOWN has organized school supply drives for facility school children for the last four years. Something that seems so insignificant for most of us, is a big problem for the schools and the kids. Students typically get hand-me-downs or go without basic school supplies. Having their own makes a real difference in their confidence and willingness to learn. With something as simple as school supplies, we can make their lives and their education a little easier. The impact can be tremendous.


When kids do well, the whole community benefits!

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Additional Information:

  • Students in Colorado facility schools represent 80 different school districts. 

  • Student placements come from 8 different types of public agencies including: 

    • School Districts

    • Behavioral Health Organizations

    • Department of Human Services

    • Department of Youth Services

    • Private Placement

  • Schools range in Size from 3-100 students.

  • Facility School Types Include:

    • Hospital 

    • Day Treatment

    • Hospital/Residential

    • Day Treatment/Residential

  • On average there are approximately 6,000 placements made per year in facility schools

  • Length of stay varies from 72 hours to years

Help us Build Brighter Futures for These Children!


Our 2023 School Supply Drive runs through the end of July. You can help by purchasing supplies

from our Amazon Registry or making a donation and we will purchase the needed supplies.

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