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Every child deserves a chance to learn, grow, and dream. But many children in our community have faced significant hardships, leaving them struggling with trauma that affects their behavior, ability to learn, and the opportunity for a typical school experience.


For the fifth year in a row, we are reaching out to our community, seeking your support to provide these children with the needed supplies to participate in their education. 


Every contribution matters. Whether big or small, your donation will have a profound impact and show them that they are not alone in their struggles and that they are valued members of our community.


Together, let's show these children that their dreams matter and their potential is something we believe in enough to invest in it.


School supplies should NOT be a luxury! Every child deserves to start the new school year with the school supplies they need. The more donations and supplies we collect, the more kids we can help! 


This is meaningful impact!


  • At any given time, there are 1000+ children in Colorado who attend one of the 32 Treatment Facility Schools currently approved by the Colorado Department of Education.

  • These children cannot attend their neighborhood schools because of behaviors brought on by trauma, abuse, neglect, severe mental illness, and more. 

  • Facility Schools are specialized schools that serve students with intense behavioral, mental health, and special education needs. Types include residential, day treatment and hospitals.

  • With few exceptions, kids arrive to school with no supplies, and funding is scarce to non-existent.



1.  MAKE A DONATION and we will purchase the most needed supplies for you!


2.  GO TO OUR AMAZON REGISTRY  It is so easy! Browse and choose the supplies you would like to donate.


3.  SHOP FOR SUPPLIES at any store you would like and bring them to one of our DROP-OFF LOCATIONS  (click for SUPPLY LIST)

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Treatment Facility Schools?

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